BabylonLegal provides targeted contracting and legal management services to complex high-technology industries and projects, including large infrastructure deals in the aerospace, aeronautic, defence, energy and IT sectors.

BabylonLegal is the legal arm of F&H Lifestyle Designers and it needed a sleek, professional looking feel.

Main Requirements:

  • Fast, simple, professional design
  • Easy to create and update content
  • Information-focused page structure
  • Integration with ad-hoc Bookstore App

Timeframe: 1 month

Package: David

Creation of a fresh new website built on the acclaimed WordPress CMS and “X” Framework, including all requested functionalities, with a simple, spectacular professional design.


  • CMS: WordPress
  • Framework: customised “X” Framework
  • Customised full screen slider
  • Customised design based on BabylonLegal’s graphic chart
  • Integration with BabylonLegal Bookstore’s webapp (

New Website: