Meet David

Beautiful Design

David websites are clean, snappy and beautiful. David rides the current design trends, in harmony with your graphic chart and artistic requirements.

Fully Responsive

David websites are designed with mobile devices in mind. No matter how you use it, and no matter how you view it, your website is going to look great.

Fast Delivery

David can be delivered in as little as 4 weeks. We are using our solid pre-made modules to speed up the creation and design process so you can be online tomorrow.


Ease of Use

David is ultra-simple to use thanks to its advanced page builder and solid CMS platform. If you can use a standard word processor, you can use David.


Ease of Use




Delivery Time



All The Right Things

David provides the essentials for a beautiful, professional-looking website delivered in a matter of weeks. No flourishes here. Only pure efficiency and simplicity with a gorgeous design. But don’t underestimate this simple offer, David will make your competitors jealous.

Drag & Drop

David comes with an advanced page builder for creating  beautifully complex designs.

Responsive Design

With David, your website will always look perfect on every device or web browser.

Affordable Price

It’s hard to deny that David’s price is one of the best web design and development deal on the market.

Secure Platform

The security of your data is important. That’s why David offers pre-built security integration.

Flexible Layouts

Our pre-made solutions allow for countless layout possibilities. You get to choose the looks of your site.

Basic Extensions

Whatever your need is, we have an extension for it. Our vast list of plugins extends your site capabilities.

Analytics Integration

Every David website comes pre-configured for Google Analytics via a built-in extension.

Social Networks

David integrates with your existing social media presence and leverage calls to action where you need them.


In addition to your website, we configure a Newsletter system powered by MailChimp© as part of David’s package.

What You Get With David

David is a comprehensive web design package that gives you a ready-to-use website in less than 12 weeks. It covers the design, development, uploading, testing and debugging in a short time and for a fixed price.

David’s price include all our team’s administrative working hours, such as:
  • Meetings and follow-ups
  • Communications (Emails, telephone)
  • Back office
We use advanced time-tracking software to log time spent on your project (Harvest, Toggle)
2 design proposals
  • We will propose 2 different design concepts based on our preliminary discussion and your requirements
  • You will then choose one concept that will be used as a basis for the website
  • See Goliath if you need more design proposals
2 possible revisions
  • At the end of the design phase, you will be able to request a revision twice (two “round-trips”)
  • See Goliath if you need more revision flexibility
Basic development and coding/Framework fine-tuning
  • We will create your website on the basis of our pre-made building blocks and templates
  • We will make small adjustments based on your requirements. “Basic” means that it doesn’t involve heavy code customisations or software modifications.
  • See Goliath if you need advanced, unique or customised features that require coding or advanced configuration
Menu structure integration (ad-hoc)
  • We will integrate any depth of menu (tree-structure) you provide
Text/image content importing
  • We will import all content that you provide (text and images) and adapt it to the framework. We will also provide our own design elements where needed
  • We will also create limited original content where needed (slug lines, catchy headlines, call to actions)
  • See Goliath if you need extended unique and original content (editorial text, articles, etc.)
Debugging and browsers compatibility check
  • At the end of the development phase, our debugging team will thoroughly test the new website on every platforms and devices for fine-tuning and debugging
Installation & basic configuration of approved modules and extensions
  • We will install and configure all extensions that are needed to fulfil your website requirements
  • “Basic” means that the extensions will not be customised (coding, etc.) beyond the essential options
  • See Goliath if you need advanced or customised extensions or features
Security : basic security configuration
  • We will set up and configure the basic security features of your new website
  • “Basic” means that only the essential security features will be activated and configured
  • See Goliath if you need advanced or customised security options
Security : basic website backup extension
  • We will set up and configure the basic backup feature of your new website
  • If needed, we will set up an external drive in the Cloud (Amazon S3, Dropbox, etc.) to host the backup files
  • “Basic” means that only the essential backup features will be activated and configured
  • See Goliath if you need advanced or customised backup options
Basic Google Analytics integration
  • We will configure your new website with Google Analytics capability
  • If needed, we will set up a Google Analytics account for you (basic set up)
  • See Goliath if you need advanced or customised analytics integration
Basic social networks integration
  • We will integrate your existing social network (share + follow buttons) to the new website
  • See Goliath if you need advanced or customised social network integration


Uploading and publishing of the website on the hosting system managed by the client
  • We will upload/publish your website on your hosting platform of choice and take care of all the configuration and optimisation tasks*
  • In order to ensure a low price, we do not host your website on our servers. This is however an option in the Goliath package.

* You shall provide the relevant access data required for uploading and configuring the website (including web hosting provider and DNS information)

Basic installation and configuration of MailChimp® (or other approved mailing provider)
  • Depending on your needs, we will set up a Newsletter system for you on our platform of choice (MailChimp©)
  • We will integrate your Subscribers Lists into your new website via extensions (call to actions)
  • “Basic” means we will set up the basic framework to allow you to send email campaigns to your audience
  • See Goliath if you need customised integration or advanced audience/list building features
Basic Newsletter Template design (harmonised with website design)
  • Depending on your needs, we will design a basic newsletter template that you can re-use for your emailing campaign
  • “Basic” means we will design a simple but efficient and beautiful newsletter template that you can further customise yourself
  • See Goliath if you need advanced customised design and conception for your newsletter template
No maintenance (DIY)
  • David does not include technical maintenance
  • You will receive a fully functional, thoroughly tested website that you will be able to manage internally or externally after its installation on your hosting platform
Basic support : 2h ticketing support per week during first 3 months. 5 days/week (office hours, 9h-17h. Intervention within 48h)
  • During the first 3 months following publication of the website, we will provide support regarding the Content Management System (i.e. WordPress)
  • Support will be provided online or on-site, and will consist in a 2h time bundle to be used each week, 5 days/week (office hours, 9h-17h. Intervention within 48h)
  • See Goliath if you need more advanced or extensive maintenance and support options
Introduction to the CMS + how to update the website (2h)
  • We will come to your office and introduce the basics about the CMS so you can update and create content autonomously (Belgium only. Outside Belgium: online webinar presentation)
  • This introductory session will last 2h
  • See Goliath if you need a more extensive training

Bonus : « Wordpress For Dummies » (or equivalent)

  • As a small bonus, you will receive a copy of the most recent guide/manual about WordPress for quick and easy reference

Affordable Fixed Price

We know that your website is an important part of your organisation and that its conception has a critical impact on your budget. That is why we made David’s price clear and transparent no matter the complexity of your website, so there are no bad surprises for you at the end. The price is fixed and can be paid in two separate instalments.


Ready To Get Started With David?

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Made With David

The following website were made with the David Package.

Midi-Pyrenees Europe

The complete overhaul of Midi-Pyrenees Europe’s website was made with David on the basis of a modernised image, highlighting the official, professional and dynamic character of the organisation.


BabylonLegal is a legal & contracting services provider, and the legal arm of F&H Lifestyle Designers. It needed a fast and easy to use website with a sleek and professional looking feel that was achieved with David.


ClauseHub is a collaboration, clause review, and clause management app for private practices, law firms and contract teams that is developed by BabylonLegal. David was used for the conception of the graphic chart, logos, landing page, and website (not online yet)

Révolution Digitale is a new business Podcast produced by F&H Lifestyle Designers in French, which interviews today’s most inspiring French-speaking Entrepreneurs, twice a week. David was chosen as the ideal package to develop a sleek, dynamic blog with a focus on audio delivery.

F&H Lifestyle Designers

This is F&H Lifestyle Designers + F&H Digital website (you’re on it right now!). This website was built using the David offering. We needed a simple website that’s pleasing to the eye, delivered fast, super easy to use and update, and responsive on every devices.


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